Makeup Junkie: Six Months of Empties…Oh My! Part II: Body

Somehow, I collected six months (!) of empties.  My intentions were good…at one month, I thought, “Well, that’s not nearly interesting enough.”  And, at two months, “Still not quite enough…maybe next month.”  And, now, its somehow six months and nearly a full paper grocery bag later.  I don’t collect foil packets unless the item comes that way, but there are several deluxe samples – I’ll give the item name, a brief impression, and let you know whether I would repurchase the item again.  Your experience with these same products may be different than mine – that’s great!  Its awesome that there are so many products out there that we can all find what works best for us.  Having said that, if you have recommendations or suggestions, I’ll take them!

I broke up the products by category to make these more manageable – for both you and me!  The first post was on skin care; this post covers body products.


Shiny Citrus Body Lotion [SACHAJUAN] – A quick disclaimer:  I love body butters (especially those in a tub or tin) because most body lotions aren’t moisturizing enough for my skin.  Unfortunately, that was also true in this case.  I will not be repurchasing.

Three Wishes Body Butter in Pomegranate [Whish Body] – While this was advertised as a body butter, it was not nearly moisturizing enough for me.  I will not be repurchasing.

Body Butter in Jasmine [Korres] – This was pretty nice with a soft scent and a moisturizing effect that lasted several hours.  I would consider repurchasing this only if I needed to use a body butter in a tube for some reason.

25% Shea Butter with Lavender Nurturing Body Balm [Perlier] – This was very nice and left my skin hydrated for hours; however, I am not a fan of lavender scented body products so will not be repurchasing.  However, I would definitely consider purchasing some of the other scents in this line.

Shea Butter Hand Cream [L’Occitane] – This hand cream was part of a limited edition Hand Cream Bouquet gift set, and I would definitely repurchase any of the shea butter hand creams. I think the original has the lightest set, but the floral scents on the other ones fade quickly.  I do admit that it take a few minutes for the cream to soak into your hands (you don’t need much), but your hands feel so soft after those few minutes.

Imperial Repair Hand Therapy in Lemongrass Vert & Sparkling Grapefruit [Camille Beckman] – Not bad, but there are other scents I prefer over this one.  I am not planning on repurchasing at the moment, but would be willing to try it again.

Shave with Benefits Shaving Foam in Mint + Eucalyptus [eco-armour] – I don’t shave; rather, I wax.  For that reason alone, I won’t repurchase.  I did try to use this as in shower moisturizer, but that didn’t really work out for me.

Shave Cream Shaving Cream in Acai Grapefruit [Whish Body] – see previous entry.


Body Butter in Coconut [The Body Shop] – A favorite body butter!  It keeps my skin hydrated for a very long time.  I will definitely repurchase.

Rainforest at Dawn Nourishing Beauty Bar [Teadora] – This was just okay.  I didn’t find it particularly hydrating, and do not plan on repurchasing.

Body Sorbet in Satsuma [The Body Shop] – You will smell like fresh cut oranges – so good!  The texture is a bit funny: gritty but silicone smooth at the same time.  I did end up having to mix it with a body butter to get a lasting hydrating effect, and am not planning on repurchasing

Ultra Nourishing Hand Cream in Coconut & Cream [be Delectable] – This worked pretty well and the scent was nice, too.  I would definitely consider repurchasing.

Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 100+ [Neutrogena] – One of my favorite sunscreens.  Its gentle enough to use on my face if I’m doing a run in the sun or going to the beach, and usually blends in pretty nicely.  I have already repurchased.  Don’t forget to wear sunscreen!

Bath/Shower Gel in the Stuff that Cupid Dips His Arrows In [Not Soap, Radio] – I would like to try this in a different scent as I think the product worked well but I don’t like any artificial berry scents.  I wouldn’t repurchase this fragrance, but would consider purchasing a different variety.

Spa Therapy Body Lotion in Sea Fennel [Gilchrist & Soames] – I don’t plan on repurchasing this.  While I liked the scent, it was not effective for long.

Cupcake Couture Body Wash in Dreamy Pink Frosting with Sweet Almond Oil Body Wash [VitaBath] – Wonderful suds but I didn’t care for the scent (too sweet).  I’m not planning on repurchasing, but would certainly consider purchasing another scent in the same line.

sm_body1Bubble Bath in Rose Water [U.S. Apothecary] – A really nice rose scent, and pleasant bubbles.  I will definitely consider repurchasing.

Honeymania Bubble Bath Melt [The Body Shop] – I will definitely repurchase this.  My bath water had a soft scent and wonderful bubbles.

Caribbean Therapy Body Scrub [Aveda] – I had this for a long time because it was a bit messy to use.  However, its very effective and if I had super dry skin, I would definitely consider repurchasing this.  Like most salt or sugar scrubs, it works best applied to dry skin followed by a shower.  At this time, I am not planning on repurchasing this item but instead have really enjoyed the next item and its variations.

Super fruit Complex Hand & Body Scrub [SheaMoisture] – Like the product above, this works best applied to dry skin followed by a shower.  Its not so greasy as the above product and its much easier to use without having to scrub the tub clean after each use.  The scent is a little sweet for me, but I don’t mind it.  However, when I repurchase, I would chose to purchase a different scent over this one.

Lemongrass & Ginger Hand & Body Scrub [SheaMoisture] – Like both products above, this works best applied to dry skin followed by a shower.  I prefer the scent of the Lemongrass & Ginger one over the Super fruit one, and plan to repurchase once I finish trying out the different scent variations.

Essential Elements Wake Up Rosemary Shower Gel [Gilchrist & Soames] – A unique scent and a nice lather. I probably would not repurchase because this is not the kind of scent I reach for.

Lemon Lemongrass Vitalizing Body Wash [Dr Hauschka Skin Care] – I had such high hopes when I saw this, but was so disappointed in the results.  It smells amazing, but it did not leave me feeling clean – I will not repurchase.

The Buff Stuff Body Scrub [Anatomicals] – This worked well and smelled nice, but I prefer the SheaMoisture scrubs.  I don’t plan on repurchasing.

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